Fender Jazz Bass Reissue 62 Walnut Japan



Color: Walnut


Location: Rome, Italy

Unique Fender Jazz Bass Reissue 62 Crafted in Japan, beautiful walnut finish and wood grain, limited edition.

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Rare 62′ Jazz Bass Reissue Limited Edition Crafted in Japan, FujiGen (2002-2004).

Excellent condition, the bass was barely used and never abused. We love the way that it looks and you rarely see one of these, especially in this condition.

The black hardware, paired with the stunning wulnut finish, gives a dark vibe to this incredible sounding Japanese bass. The vintage single coils have a strong attack and the classic vintage sound of a jazz bass. It is also very comfortable and the neck profile feels amazing!

This instrument is all original except for the bridge that was probably replaced at some point in time. The original 1 ply black pickguard has been painted by the previous owner with the pattern you can see in the pictures. Another 3 ply black pickguard is included (note that 3 screw holes of this additional pickguard don’t match perfectly).

That being said, our opinion is that this bass looks even better without a pickguard (Jaco’s style), showing all the beautiful wood grain it has.

Condition: Excellent. It shows a couple of little dings here and there and some light and superficial scratches in the black metal plates but overall it’s in great shape. Frets show little to no wear. Fresh strings and setup with low action and no buzzing up and down the fretboard.

It comes with the hardshell case you can see in the pictures.

Some specs: ash body, maple neck, beautiful dark rosewood fingerboard, 34″ scale, 7.25″ radius, 4.6 kg.

Hit me up if you need additional pictures or info.

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