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Fender Telecaster 1975 Blond Super Clean Vintage Solid Body Electric Guitar Free Shipping 48 CONUS



Location: Charlotte NC

About This Vintage Ad


Dave's Guitars Charlotte is proud to offer yet another vintage CBS-era Fender guitar! This guitar was purchased from a music shop that closed its doors after 54 years, and we couldn't be happier to pass it along to its next owner; plus, as more discover the fantastic build quality of some of the “good year” CBS guitars, the demand is only going to keep rising. In original Blond finish, behold a glorious 4-bolt Tele with OHSC to boot!

Non-original neck PU likely from a Mexican Tele, and in my opinion, it sounds terrific, and I wouldn't change a thing. Bridge PU cannot be confirmed original or non-original, but from comps I've come across and guitars I've owned in the past, yellow & black pickup wires are characteristic of CBS Fender guitars. 3-way switch was causing lots of bad hum, wasn't functioning correctly and has since been replaced.

While this guitar is player-grade worn, it is broken in and plays exceptionally well. Everything works and she screams when cranked. Personally, I love dialing in a good Walter Becker neck PU tone or middle pos. for some Stones. Fast, smooth maple neck and fretboard make this an exceptionally easy player…and don't forget the chicken pickin'! Perfectly suited for the fingerstyle guitarist such as myself, but opens up even more with a proper pick attack. WOW!!!

There is one small issue with this guitar, and to maintain its originality, I have decided not to touch anything. The tone control works, but it virtually silences the bridge PU instead removing treble as it should. Middle pos. and neck pos. seem to work fine with the tone control, so I'm not sure what exactly is going on. And oddly enough, the bridge PU sounds great—ruling against a broken winding, but I am no expert.

Being picky, its cosmetic condition is 6.5/10–yes, there are are scratches, dings, and signs of usage over the past few decades. This is a used guitar.

Weight – 9.4lbs ± a few oz

Neck Radius – 7.25″

Neck Profile – Soft-to-medium “C” shape

Nut Width – 1 5/8″

Scale Length (nut to saddles) – 25.5″

Fret Size – small-to-medium height

I will thoroughly examine this electric guitar one last time before packaging to ensure condition remains “Very Good.”

This will be professionally packaged in a sturdy cardboard box.

Please see my ratings and message me with any questions. Our store phone # is (704) 962-0535.

Shipped fast and free from Charlotte, NC.

FedEx is our preferred shipping method and is free for 48 CONUS. We offer expedited & international shipping at buyer's expense. After quote is generated and payment completed, all excess shipping cost is promptly refunded to buyer.

We charge a 15% restocking fee for “try-before-you-buy” returns. I.e., buyer's remorse or not reading description in full. This 15% restocking fee applies to all used & vintage + brand new listings.

Thanks for looking!”


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