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Gibson GA-5 single 6V6 tube guitar amp, 1958-59



Color: Brown Tolex


Location: China Grove, NC

"Original tone components (ie bumblebees!), transformers, 8" Jensen"

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I love these amps, I always thought they out Champed a Champ! I worked on this one a couple years ago, new filter caps and a 3 pin grounded AC cable (original is included) and was lucky enough to have it come in on trade a while back. Original tone components (ie bumblebees!), transformers, 8″ Jensen, I really think it was a ’58, I am a ’58 model and that stuck with me, could be an early ’59. Logo looks great, only issue I can point out is under the top back panel there is an extra set of holes, like someone put it on wrong at one point, but they are hidden by the back panel. A little fraying here and there, but overall nice shape. Thanks for looking!

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