Gibson J-35 1940ish



Color: J-35


Location: 1021 S Main St, China Grove, NC 28023

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Hard to put into words really. In 2005 a loving daughter had her dad’s old Gibson restored, to the tune of almost 3500.00. I was told the back was original, but the invoice for the work, which took well over a year said the back was replaced, but more importantly, the top was replaced, with new braces. But wait! The original top, with original bracing is included, just really beat. The original bridge and pickguard were reused, and the top, sides and back were refinished. It looks great, sounds wonderful, plays good, and is a far cooler guitar, to me anyway then a new one would be. I can’t make out the FON on the neck block, like it was never there, but there is a red “17” that’s visible. The neck is more rounded, less V shaped, which makes me think early 40’s, maybe late 30’s- the original top has the original owners name and 1936 on it, but no idea where they got that from.
The neck, other than a really nice refret with larger frets looks pretty straight, no overspray, original machines and is a joy to play. It is 1.7″ at the nut, .948″ at the first fret and 1.244″ at the the 12th fret. Truss rod works. The detail that went into making this guitar live again was pretty intense, if I had a way of posting the PDF of the repairs I would, but the original invoice is included with the guitar. It has a newer generic hard case.
Thanks for looking!

Coleman Music
1021 S Main St
China Grove, NC 28023

704 857 5705

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