Gibson L-00



Color: Black


Location: 1021 S Main St China Grove, NC, 28023

About This Vintage Ad

Having owned a 1935 L-00 with a white guard for the last 25 or so years, I can attest to how wonderful these little guitars are. This one was a one family guitar for most of it’s life until we ended up with it. According to the previous owners it never had a case, and it shows, but still looks great. We had the neck reset, any loose braces reglued, and basically gone over and made as tight as possible. No cracks! The only real issue is the original bridge was held down with 2 screws, and had been loose for some time. We had the original bridge repaired and reset, and I believe the bridge plate was replaced as well. I have used this particular luthier for 30odd years, and unless the top is really chewed up (this one was not) the bridge plates are made to the specs of the old one. The FON isn’t visible, I am guessing at the year- this L-00 has a big V neck, so don’t think it goes into the 40’s, I would guess 37,38,39, somewhere in there. We provided a newer TKL hard case for it as well. It has been set up and ready to go, plays and sounds pretty amazing. Thanks for looking!

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