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1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior (dc) 

First year of the Gibson Junior with double cutaway in original condition. The first version of DC-Juniors had sharper body edges and the P-90 Pickup was actually a “Soapbar”, not a dogear. I'm a sucker for these used juniors and this guitar is a beast, great player super light (2.9 kg) and awesome sounding.

It used, but not abused; the front and back are faded a lot, with all the patina and aging it's a beautiful looking guitar which has been played for many years. No breaks, refins, repairs, only the volume pot is changed.  Comes in a new black case.

More Details:

  • One piece DC mahogany body
  • One piece mahogany neck
  • Original single line Kluson deluxe tuners
  • Brazilian rosewood fretboard, old refret
  • 22 frets, and pearl dot inlays
  • 1x P-90 single coil pickup (7.69k)
  • Original Tortoise single-layer pick guard, original knobs
  • Original Bridge
  • Original tone pot, changed volume pot & original bumble bee
  • Light weight: 2,9 kg
  • Incl. new black hard case


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