Gibson Melody Maker 1965 Cherry Red Vintage Electric Guitar Free Shipping 48 CONUS




Location: Charlotte NC

About This Vintage Ad


Whatever model, pickup combination or color, every vintage Gibson we’ve had plays phenomenally with the early-to-mid 1960s being some of the best years for the brand. And hey, it’s a Kalamazoo guitar! Sweet! For those looking for the vintage Gibson tone and feel without spending $10k+, look no further than this fine example of a Melody Maker.

As a gigging player, I’d play this until it couldn’t play anymore…then I’d replace the tuners, condition the fretboard and play for years more. This is the definition of a player guitar—fast neck, smooth and quick fingerboard, and small-to-medium frets. Did I mention it comes with the original vibrola mounting system? The guitar feels like it has 11s on it, but I bet using the tremolo system would make them feel more like 10s; that’s a trick I use with my 330 w/Bigsby.

This guitar has genuine wear ‘n’ tear from decades of usage. Wear includes scratches, dings, and otherwise normal signs that it’s been played. If I were being picky, I’d rate this 6.5/10—cosmetically speaking.

I will thoroughly examine this guitar one last time before packaging to ensure condition remains “Good.”

This will be professionally packaged in a sturdy cardboard box.

Please see my ratings and message me with any questions. Our store phone # is (704) 962-0535.

Shipped fast and free from Charlotte, NC.

FedEx is our preferred shipping method and is free for 48 CONUS. We offer expedited & international shipping at buyer’s expense. After quote is generated and payment completed, all excess shipping cost is promptly refunded to buyer.

We charge a 15% restocking fee for “try-before-you-buy” returns. I.e., buyer’s remorse or not reading description in full. This 15% restocking fee applies to all used & vintage + brand new listings.

Thanks for looking!

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