Gibson SG Standard “Large Guard” 1971 Cherry Maestro Vibrola + OHSC Free Shipping 48 CONUS




Location: Charlotte NC

About This Vintage Ad


Dave’s Guitars Charlotte is proud to offer a vintage Gibson SG Standard in classic, original Cherry. An all-original guitar minus the tremolo arm itself, this is a stunning example of an early ’70s Gibson before quality control and overall standards dropped at the company. Fretless wonder and T-top pickups? She really screams.

No issues with this guitar to speak of. Straight neck as is common for older Gibson guitars—they just hold up better over the years. Narrow nut width making for a narrow neck in the lower register; the neck opens up the higher you go. Original electronics and tuners. Neck volute is sturdy and preferred by many; in my experience, I know I prefer it over a normal Gibson-style headstock.

As for the history on this guitar, it was acquired by one of our buyers from the original owner. My friend kept it in its case and took great care of it before moving it on to me. Although I am the third owner, this effectively remains a one-owner guitar…kinda?

It’s important to mention that while this guitar has no issues, the original case is in pretty bad shape. It works, but two latches on the rear-side of the case have come apart and in my honest opinion, as a gigging player myself, I would keep the original case in a climate-controlled environment and purchase a more dependable modern case for this fine instrument.

Being picky, its cosmetic condition is 7.5/10. Yes—there are scratches and dings. This guitar was played, and I’d rate it as a clean, player-grade instrument with lots of life left. Looks like the case absorbed all the potential damage leaving the guitar in overall clean shape.

I will thoroughly examine this guitar one last time before packaging to ensure condition remains “Very Good.”

This will be professionally packaged in a sturdy cardboard box.

Please see my ratings and message me with any questions. Our store phone # is (704) 962-0535.

Shipped fast and free from Charlotte, NC.

FedEx is our preferred shipping method and is free for 48 CONUS. We offer expedited & international shipping at buyer’s expense. After quote is generated and payment completed, all excess shipping cost is promptly refunded to buyer.

We charge a 15% restocking fee for “try-before-you-buy” returns. I.e., buyer’s remorse or not reading description in full. This 15% restocking fee applies to all used & vintage + brand new listings.

Thanks for looking!

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