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Harry Joyce Custom 100HG – 100 Watt High Gain




Location: Sarasota, FL

Here is your chance to own the very first 100HG  (#serial #001) 100 watt powerhouse with the most incredible tone unmatched by any 100 watt High gain on the market today.

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About This Vintage Ad

Introducing, the All new 100HG from our all new Harry Joyce ‘High Gain’ series designed by Amp Guru George Scholz in honor of the great Harry Joyce.

This is an all tube circuit amplifier, designed to maximize the highest amount of gain from a tube possible while still maintaining clarity and dynamics you expect from a Harry Joyce.

The two input design allows you to dial in tones ranging from the high dynamic clean and sparkly tones of David Gilmour on the low gain input to the high gain rock and metal sounds of Ritchie Blackmore on the high gain input.

The amp was designed to keep the classic, indistinguishable sound of a Harry Joyce while squeezing out every bit of gain a 12AX7 has to offer. Doing this without sounding over compressed or muddy is a challenge, that, is where Mr. Scholz comes in. With his decades of experience in amplifier design and his years of friendship with Harry, George has been able to carry on the legacy and tradition of Harry Joyce like no one else could.

This amp is a great tribute to Harry Joyce and we think he would be proud to have his name on such a great sounding, high quality amplifier.

Clean to High Gain, this Amazing Amp does it All.

* 15 gauge Stainless Steel corner welded chassis for ultimate durability

* Meticulous mil spec wiring to Harry’s standards

* Studio grade Bourns potentiometers

* Custom made Harry Joyce film caps

* Custom wound transformers

* Wire wound bleeder resistors

* Custom Iskra signal capacitors

* Ultra low noise resistors

* Vintage rectifiers

* Philips filter capacitors/Mallory/ HJ for faster response

* (4) El34

* (4) 12AX7

* Copper shielding

* Industrial indicator lights / Blown fuse & tube indicator

* Mil spec Fuse holders

* Filtered power entry module

* 1 ohm cathode resistors on each output tube socket

* Philips bias caps

* 100K ohm low input

* Studio grade inputs

* High amp on/off /standby switches

* Internal Voltage selector

* Solid Silver Teflon wire with a frequency range of 20-60,000 hz

* NOS/Custom components

* Baltic Birch, Dovetail headbox


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