Kapa 500 Thin Line Electric Guitar OHSC



Color: sunburst


Location: 1021 S Main St China Grove, NC, 28023

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About This Vintage Ad

I love Kapa’s, own 2 and pick them up whenever I can, it’s a formative year thing. This is a later 60’s 500, more than likely it has made the switch to Japanese pickups. Plays well, overall very clean, probably the cleanest Kapa I have ever had. It has a 2 tone gray/cream chipboard case, like I would see with a nice older Harmony or Kay, with a repaired handle. Kapa’s are cool, made in Maryland with pickups/bridges/tremolo’s/etc imported from Germany (Hofner), Sweden (Hagstrom) and Japan, among others. Nice quality instruments that have held up well over the years. Thanks for looking!

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