Magnatone M107 1950/52 Unique MOTS era Tweed amp, Serviced, Free shipping to EU, Swiss, UK




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About This Vintage Ad

For sale 1950-52 ( before 50’s capacitor was outside, and after ’53 handle was a metal “refrigerator style”) Magnatone M 107 better known as a MOTS era amp. Its a Hawaiian guitar amp but its awesome to work with it in studio with normal guitar or harp
-35Z5 tube rectifier.
-12SL7 preamp tube.
-Single-ended, class A power 50L6 Beam Power tube.
Serial No: 19445
Speaker: Jensen Alnico 5, 220 227( Jensen 1952 27 week)
Amp was serviced:
One cap was replaced with Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE)
3 prog power cord aded
Tubes checked and they have more than 80% life left
Old parts will be included

Amp is original 110 Volt so you will need step down transformer

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