Manouk Papazian , Concert Classical Guitar




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Manouk Papazzian 1959

One of the great master builders from NYC, Manouk Papazzian moved to his own facility in NY around 1956, where he began building his master level instruments. The records indicate that he only used the best of materials available to him at all times. He was most definitely an “old world” artisan, demanding the best of everything and of himself, whether he was building lutes, violins or classical guitars.

This guitar he built in his early New York years. Beautifully grained, old growth rosewood back and sides , selected german spruce top , mahagony-neck with ebony fingerboard, rosewood bridge and headstock veneer and typical marcetry inlays around the sound-hole.

This guitar sounds very balanced and warm, and has opened up all over in 60 years of intensive playing. Projection and sustain are  faboulos. There is one long repaired and stable crack on the top , from the sound-hole to the bottom of the guitars. Have a look at the „cats eyes“ on the bottom of the guitar.  The guitar comes in a stable, well fitting modern hardcase.  Email for further informations to  [email protected]

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