Martin 1945 D-28 Herringbone ADI top



Color: natural


Location: 15 Adventure ridge rd.

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Early 1945 with T bar reinforcement guitar still has tongue brace support. Serial # 90611 This guitar was one of only 183 D-28s made by Martin in the last year of WWII. The specifications of this instrument are nearly identical to late 1944 D-28s, with an Adirondack spruce top, T bar reinforcement, and Kluson flat plate tuners with no bushings and plastic buttons. The one change was in the top brace voicing, going from the traditional scalloped method to a new very similar tapered method, that shifted to tonal focus up a little higher in the midrange and provided more sustain. There is a finish checking The color of the top is a luminous golden amber. Tonally this guitar is rich in the midrange and balanced in the bass, with enough volume for nearly every kind of music. Original pin set, No neck reset or fret wear needed. This guitar is performing at top level, with a warm and colorful voice. Original finish bridge bridge plate pick guard tuners 1 repair to the top in the upper bout area that has been repaired with four cleats, very clean example inside and out.

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