Martin D-35 1976 OHC



Color: D-35


Location: 1021 S Main St China grove, NC 28023

About This Vintage Ad

I graduated high school in 1976 and remember looking at these guitars in the local music store. Being a rocker I wanted a Les Paul, and couldn’t imagine ever paying that sort of money for an acoustic, but my views on that changed over the years! Fabulous guitar, we took this D-35 to our local luthier, who is Martin authorized repair and had 5 or 6 of the first few frets replaced, and generally set up. It looks to have had a neck set years ago, I wonder about the Grovers, even though the footprint looks right, and the pickguard does not look stock (not uncommon), but otherwise is pretty straight, and a monster of an acoustic. Players wear, especially on the back of the neck, this baby was not a closet queen, it got out there and made it happen! Perfect for those gigs where another little scratch or ding may happen. It does have the original black plastic hard case, which has taken a beating but still holds together fine. My dismay at long it’s been since I graduated high school is tempered with the cool acoustics I have these days- now it’s your turn! Thanks for looking!

Coleman Music
1021 South Main St.
China Grove, NC, 28023

704 857 5705

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