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Music Man 210 Sixty-Five 1975 Serviced, NOS power tubes Free Shipping to EU, Swiss, UK




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About This Vintage Ad

For sale 1975 Music Man 210 65. MM from the first year of official sale with Leo Fender as CEO
Tube on phase inverter

Amp is original Patina and some cigarets burns on top also have upgrade from 70’s (two handles) so it might feel like he was playing a lot 🙂
Original Eminence Speakers made for this amp (MM stickers missing ) 67 7505, 67 7505
If someone would like to have restored amp we can do it as well for additional amount 🙂
Amp underwent a deep cleaning, full electric service.
NOS matched power tubes EL 34 RFT-TGL 9649, new JJ 12AX7 on PI
Replaced one cap (Sprague Sibi Gold on a filter section )
Amp is in perfect condition, no scratchy pots or noises
Original MM foot switch is included
Amp is on original 110V so you will need a step down transformer

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