Lisa Paige

RetroPro Stainless Steel Capo



Color: Stainless Steel



The newest addition to  our PaigePro line. The RetroPro acoustic stainless steel standard guitar capo.

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About This Vintage Ad

The newest addition to  our PaigePro line. This capo has the same sleek stainless steel yoke with the smooth, patented adjustment guide as the PaigePro.  We put a traditional bar with the printed logo on the tube that so many people asked for.

Open Depth 1 1/16 ” (1.062″)

Closed Depth 11/16″ (.687)

Width 2  1/32″ (2.031″)

The bar has a standard 16″ radius for acoustic guitars. If a different radius is needed, we can bend one for you.


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