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Vintage DeJur Eldorado III Versa-Dial 8mm Movie Camera w/ Original Operating Manual



Color: Gray


Location: Charlotte, NC

Vintage Dejur 8 Dejur 8mm Eldorado III Versa-Dial movie camera Was produced 1940's Camera is equipped with a turret with three lenses 1-Dejur Chromtar 32mm / f 1.8 telephoto 2- Dejur chromtar wide angle f 1.8 3- Dejur chromtar 13mm f 1.8 ASA 16 Film Stamped Made In USA Dejur-Amsco-Corp

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Dejur 8mm Eldorado III turret lens movie camera. Has 3 quick rotating f:1.9 wide angle, f:1.9 Telephoto and f:1.9 13 mm lenses. This also has a built in selectable haze, UV and clear filters. Descriptive f stop setting. Camera winds up and runs.

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