WA & Co. Enigma Limited Edition (#5/5)


Color: Platinum


Location: Bethlehem, PA

About This Vintage Ad

Limited Edition Enigma (V1)
#5 out of 5 in Platinum finish
Professional grade soft-click 3PDT
Powder Coated Gorva pedal chassis
This one has the works! 💿

The Enigma is an all-in-one preamp, boost, and distortion pedal that emulates the highly sought-after vintage tones of Terry Kath, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, and Keith Richards. With a significant bass, treble, and gain response—you can nail the edge of breakup tone without driving your amp or signal hard!

Use the Enigma in front of any signal to add texture to your preamp/early gain stages, other pedals, or try it in a efx loop to boost and color delays, reverbs, and more.

Enigma works in reverse (counterclockwise), starting with the maximum amount of gain—allowing you to roll off what you don’t need in your signal! It’s as simple as set and forget!

Each circuit is meticulously wired by hand, point to point, with modern grade tolerances to give you the most precise tone—and lifetime reliability. Low profile Lumberg 1/4” jacks, a pancake 9v center negative switching jack, and a solid 3PDT footswitch make the Enigma pedalboard/gig friendly! *(Pro Models have a 9v snap located in the back of the pedal—this is specifically for a switched power supply when gigging and touring!)*

Each Enigma comes with a limited lifetime warranty, a certificate, and a signed serial number!

Shipping is always free! Please reach out for tone demos and an analysis of these pedals!

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