Sports Collectibles Consultants

Charlotte, NC

704 650-4543

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Howard Epstein

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About Us

I help people who have vintage sports cards or memorabilia sell them for top dollar if or when the time comes when they are looking to do so. I have over 4 decades of experience in this area and am a life-long hobbyist. Please check out the white paper I wrote just prior to the pandemic, to get a better sense of what I can do. My best client would be a Wealth Management firm, who’s client’s I could help if and when the time comes to liquidate their collection, turning their non-performing assets into performing assets that can be managed by their Advisor. In addition to my extensive expertise in sports cards and memorabilia, I am securities licensed and I have a clean U4 as well. Please contact me to further discuss what I could do for you. Thank you.

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